Sunday, August 30, 2009

Painting the proverbial blog walls—again!

Here we go again! I’ll admit that I enjoy change, and also that color affects my creativity and productivity. I was very proud of myself a couple of posts ago, when I learned how to manipulate the HTML code in my blog to create three columns instead of two, how to produce a banner, and how to manipulate the colors of the elements. It was a good learning exercise, but . . . I have decided that I really would prefer to be surrounded by flowers and by my favorite color, blue, when I write. It just feels right.

This afternoon I visited the Cutest Block on the Block to see how well my “living room” needs could be met. To my delight, I discovered a wide range of backgrounds from which to choose, with easy-to-follow instructions. It took very little time to adjust my blog. However, a note to the wise—if you have selected anything other than the Minima template (one of the basic Blogger templates), you will find it’s worth your time to pre-select that template before you use one of the Cutest Blog on the Block backgrounds. This site provides both 2-column and 3-column backgrounds, as well as some banners, buttons, blinkies and other extras. At some point I will probably re-create a banner, but for now I just want to get used to the new look.

What do you think?

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ZudaGay said...

Your remodel looks lovely, Judy!! So peaceful and relaxing. Someday I will take the time to do something different with mine.

Myfanwy said...

Lovely, Judy. Maybe I need a revamp to go with my new website. Hmm, not this week though.

I'll be coming to you for tips!

SBA said...

Very nice. I'm a web designer and publish blogging tips for 'hacking' your template --- make it fit your personality, etc.
It's encouraging to see people who take the time to stare the template (html/CSS) in the face! Good for you. Also glad you have an email on your profile so I can send a note about your flickr sample album.

You may want to have your comment form display inline (check your settings). Avoids popup blockers in today's browsers. Not sure if that also solves the problem in IE where I could not even submit the comment [no word verification image] . Okay I guess I'm scaring you now. lol

Judy Nolan said...

Thanks, Shirley, for your comments. I am using IE Version 8 at the moment to comment (testing this thing), and if I am able to comment, I'm not sure what the difficulty is. The Flickr badge seems to be working in my version of the IE browser. Thanks for pointing to your blog tips, though. :-)

SBA said...

Okay couple of mysteries solved and more reasons why I 'hate' IE browsers! Version 8 has a compatibility view mode which you have turned one! It stops you from beating up Microsoft so much! Turn if off and see what happens if you dare... The problem with my not seeing the verification image was the way IE worded the warning message "do you want to view only content delivered securely?". Well, I said no since I did care, but they forgot to tell me the answer was 'yes' --- it worked that time!

Rose said...

I like it! I first checked it out on my iPhone but the background was only shown in the middle of the blog. So I decided to check it on my computer and now it's complete! LOL

Anitra Cameron said...

It's beautiful! Makes me want to redecorate, too, lol.

And I really enjoyed the history of internet--quite the walk down memory lane, although you were more involved than I. My husband was working for a high-tech firm, though. He built a very early version computer in our dining room, and told me someday I'd be putting all my recipes on it. Not.

But I sure do look for new ones online! So he was right, I think.